What is Conscious Based Education…really?

Well, who are you? Why are you here? What do you love? What is your passion? How do you feel? How will you make a difference?

This is conscious based education.

In public school I can remember sitting for seven hours a day feeling like they were feeding me information only for me to throw it all up after the test. It didn’t matter to me, none of it affected my life or shaped me as a person. Conscious based education makes you a part of what you’re learning. It becomes something that changes how you view, feel or live in the world. I can tell you how each and every one of my classes has affected me:

Block 2, Permaculture Design: Suddenly my world had a layout and I left that class looking at the world in a completely different way. That building doesn’t have a roof, it has a natural water catchment system and I can figure how much water will run off of it, and I can direct that water into a storage bin to be used. I learned how to run my own property one day for and of the earth. I didn’t just learn about facts, I learned how to change my future.

Block 3, Song Writing: Well, for one, I learned how to play piano. Enough at least to be able to write my own songs now. That’s pretty huge in and of it self. It gave me a look into my own creativity and challenged my ability to create on a deadline. I struggled in this class but it was completely worth it in the end because I wrote my first ever full song and performed it at open mic. I was able to realize a passion that’d been brewing inside of me for years.

Block 4, Poetry for Transcendence: I LOVED this class. It is my favorite so far for sure. I spent a month reading, writing, and diving deep into the depths of poetry and emotion. I explored myself and how I felt about a multitude of topics, only to then form them into poems. I left with a portfolio of complete and edited works, a couple of which I was even able to read at our class’ poetry reading held at Cafe Paradiso.

You see, each class has meant something to me. It enlivens my soul and has me grasping for information. It matters to me, and it is related to me. Everything we learn is related and reflected back upon us. Conscious based education allows you to be conscious of your progress and growth here. I find myself at times undervaluing this truth, but I have grown and changed exponentially since being here. Every level of my experience here has molded my views and visions. I can’t promise I’ll graduate here, I tend to be restless like that, but I wouldn’t trade this year or this experience for anything. Dreams are simultaneously being fulfilled and created everyday.

So, who are you? Why are you here? What do you love? What is your passion? How do you feel? How will you make a difference?


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  1. Dale says:

    Found your web site through Reddit. You already know I am signing up to your rss.

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